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    With health conditions under control, I am glad to inform you that I and MSE are back in operation to satisfy your shifter needs or wants as usual. I thank all of you for your consideration and patience.

-Bill Gundrum

Call Us at (570) 754-7209

Call Us at (570) 754-7209





Our History

The above photo was taken in the 1930’s.  It depicts a railroad “whistle stop” which was at the edge of our present residence, hence, MSE, Moyer’s Station Enterprises.  The single track railroad has long been abandoned and removed.


In-Line Shifter

Our In-Line Pistol Grip Shifter is used predominantly in drag racing; however, it can be used in other applications such as street, off-road, etc.


H-Pattern Shifter

Our H-Pattern Shifter was designed for street and off-road use but, it also has been proven to perform as well in drag racing and other performance uses.