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In the past (2001) we had a “run” of Type 1 connecting rods that were improperly hardened. We made a great attempt to avoid the shipment of these rods: however, a few of them “escaped.”  At the time, we randomly tested the rods, but now every connecting rod is tested to assure quality. When tested, rods are marked with red marker or red paint, stick on both ends.  If you recieve any rods without these marks, DO NOT use them.  Call me and I'll explain how to test them.  If you experienced any connecting rod breakage, call me at (570) 754-7209.  If your claim is valid and you were charged, I will give you a refund. 

During early July 2015 we had a 1-2 connecting rod bend in a Type 1 shift housing.  However, note that this part had been in racing use 14 years!  The bend occurred during a violent second gear failure, putting extreme pressure on the rod as the transmission tried to “kick out” of second gear and the operator tried to hold it in gear.  The bend was minimal at .030 inch.  Rods have been made form 4130 chromoly rod.   In the future, the 1-2 rods will be made of 4340 chromoly rod which, offers more strength and will tolerate flexing. Additionally, we now install 1 1/4 inch bushings in the 1-2 bore to support the full length of the rod in the housing. "Inline Shifter": Kits are about $1026.00.