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Call Us at (570) 754-7209

H-Pattern Shifter

The MSE H-Pattern Shifter is designed to allow the use of the "POSI-SHIFT" shift housing in your off-road buggy or street Volkswagen -- Smooth, positive up-shifting and down shifting -- uses normal Volkswagen shift pattern. 

This is a shifter designed especially to be used with our "POSI-SHIFT" shift housing, not a re-hashed Volkswagen shifter as other shifters that are now available.  It is designed especially for use with the VW transmission and uses shifter stop adjusters to stop the shift in the shifter, not in the transmission.  This shifter has been proven tough in many street and racing applications.  It offers precise shifting with unequalled ease and is extremely durable, built to "take it" and keep on performing.  This shifter will give you years of trouble-free service.

Our H-Pattern Shifter was designed for street and off-road use but, it also has been proven to perform as well in drag racing and other performance uses.  When combined with our "POSI-SHIFT", you will have shifting performance that will make you the envy of all others.