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Call Us at (570) 754-7209




Mid Engine

Shift Housing


Tube Chassis Mount-

Use with H-Pattern In-Line Shifter


Shift Rod Kit


Shift Rod Connectors


Shift Rods and Type-1 Housing



Type-1 Housing

When you receive your MSE order, you will have two aluminum shift rods and one chromoly rod.  Use the chromoly on 1-2 in order to avoid flexing on the 2-3 shift. 

We welcome your comments and/or suggestions.

I am available at your convenience to assist you with any difficulties that you might experience.  I can help you to determine if it is info, adjustment, or update of your shifter.  There has been an update of our older In-Line/Vertigate Shifter.  We can also change your older shifter to pistol grip.  Call me and I can send or email to you the detailed information on how to determine if your shifter requires updating.  I also have instructions on adjustments to possibly better your shifting operation.