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In the realm of Volkswagen performance nearly all of us have experienced problems shifting. The VW transmission has performed quite admirably for many years when used within its design parameters. BUT…..when we use this transmission for drag racing, off road racing, road racing, etc., we can expect some difficulties such as missed shifts, hit reverse, went from first to fourth, stuck in second, can’t down shift, bent “hockey stick,” etc. We’ve all had or know someone who has had these problems. The usual reaction is to check shifter adjustment, replace the transmission shift lever (VW’s term for “hockey stick”), replace shift-housing bushings, try a different shifter, etc. If you get it working, you hope it won’t happen again. Eventually it will be happen again because you’ve treated the symptoms and not cured the disease. As with the common cold, your doctor will treat the symptoms, he won’t cure the cold. Unless you are lucky enough to have 100% immunity, you’ll get a cold again! It doesn’t matter which VW type shifter you use; they are mostly all a modification of the VW Shifter. The problem is not the shifter!

As long as you use the hockey stick to select gear changes, you will have the problem. The problem is aggravated in the Type-2 with its additional linkage that is used to select gears. To cure the “disease”, you must take the gear selection out of the transmission. MSE has done this with its patented Posi-Shift shifter housings that connect directly to the VW selector shafts. MSE Posi-Shift housings install with NO transmission disassembly. The job of gear selection is then delegated to the shifter. The MSE In-Line Shifter has seen many years of trouble-free service in drag racing and is known to be the choice of winning drag racers.

Our H-Pattern Shifter is designed for exclusive use with Posi-Shift housings. It is designed to use the VW shift pattern and engage reverse in the same manner as Volkswagen. So for street and off-road, you don’t have to learn a new shifter pattern and it has also been proven to perform as well in drag racing and other performance uses.

If you race a VW, you NEED the MSE Shifting System!!!