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Call Us at (570) 754-7209

Shifting Troubles


The 1 to 2 and 3 to 4 shifts are relatively easy to perform since the selector fork must only move the operating sleeve in a straight line from one gear to the next; however, the 2 to 3 shift is comparatively difficult.  Initially, 2nd gear must be disengaged by moving the operating sleeve from 2nd gear to neutral.  Conditions which will not allow the operating sleeve to properly disengage 2nd gear will create difficulty to engage 3rd gear.   The following are some conditions which have the potential to be problematic:

 1.  INCORRECT 1 AND 2 SHIFT LEVER IN SHIFTER - See enclosed information on how to identify the proper shift lever by measuring the top of the slot in the shift lever (should be approximately .460”).  Call me for identifications.


 2.  IMPROPER SHIFT ROD - If you have and aluminum rod for 1 and 2, it may be subject to flexing.  Replace it with a chromoly rod.  MSE has them in stock.


 3.  1 AND 2 SHIFT ROD NOT ADJUSTED TO OPTIMUM TO ACHIEVE THE 2 TO 3 SHIFT - Adjust as per enclosed information.  Call me for instructions.


 4. 1 AND 2 SHIFT FORK IMPROPERLY ADJUSTED - It must be adjusted to insure that the operating sleeve goes properly to neutral.  Better yet, adjust with more clearance on the 2nd gear side.  This will assure that 2nd gear is completely disengaged; however, be sure to have a minimum of .050” on the 1st gear side.


 5.  WORN SYNCRO. TEETH ON 3RD GEAR, OR WORN/ROUNDED PRO RING TEETH - Grind pro ring teeth as per manufacturer’s instructions.


6.  SHIFTER MUST BE MOUNTED SOLIDLY - Flex in the shifter mount may cause shifting problems. 

If you experienced a shift problem or lost a race due to a missed shift. We can help you with our race proven (since 1995) MSE shifting system. Type 1 kit is about $1026.00 and includes everything you need for installation as well as instructions. This kit is bolt on. No special parts need to be made and there is no transmission disassembely required. A kit for Type 2 is also available as well as a drag race H-pattern shifter. This shifter can also be used for road race, off road etc with the regular shift handle.